Knowledge Centre

Getting to Know your UpsideLMS

All the basic functions in UpsideLMS, explained.

Content & Delivery Management

Learn how to upload, deliver and manage different types of training.

User Management

Learn how to upload and manage users; their roles and rights, and create Learning Groups.

Workflow Management

Learn how the workflows in UpsideLMS are set for approvals, rejections, evaluations, etc.

Competency Management

Learn how you and your learners can manage required skills and competencies.

Team Management

Learn how a Line Manager can manage his/ her team effectively.

Social Learning & Knowledge Collaboration

Learn how your learners can collaborate and learn informally using social learning and knowledge collaboration tools.

Learning & Resources Management

Learn how you and your learners can manage their learning and resources.


Learn how to get performance analytics and business intelligence with reports.

Portal Management

Learn how you can custom brand the LMS as per your company identity.

Instructor role

Learn about the different roles and responsibilities of an Instructor.


Learn how you can bring in learner engagement with UpsideLMS’ point-based Gamification Module.

Instructor Led Training

Learn how you can set you Classroom Training sessions, complete with Batch Management and Attendance Marking.


Learn how you can run system diagnostics through UpsideLMS to ensure compatibility and smooth functioning.